Make your perfect day an inspiring one...

My name is Simon Goss, and I am an authorised Civil Celebrant, highly qualified and experienced. I have been overwhelmed at the number of couples coming to me to help them with their weddings. It’s as humbling as it is exciting!

I am currently working with several local reception centres to provide them with excellent service in Celebrancy, in conjunction with their hospitality business.

I can help you bring innovation, fun, humour and integrity to your special day. Your ceremonies should be exciting, inspirational and meaningful to you and those present - this is what drives me to deliver excellent service.

I am an experienced Celebrant trainer. My expertise will help you and your guests leave your ceremony happy and inspired. I guarantee my ceremonies, working closely with registered training organisatons and the Attorney-General’s Office to ensure you get only the best on your day.

I can help you create the ceremony you want, and make the celebration about you and your needs. For something unique and an expression of your life, if it’s traditional or original, I can help you design the perfect ceremony.

Your ceremony is about you. Celebrate Life!


The more you celebrate in life, the more you find there is to celebrate!

- Oprah Winfrey




Simon Goss

Albury Celebrant Services

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