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Lots of Fun

Seven billion people in the world, and somehow you two have met and fallen in love! Getting married is something worth celebrating. Weddings should be the most fun experience EVER. My ceremonies are fun. They can be elegant or themed, but if you're looking for a fun ceremony, we need to chat. Seriously.

Short and Sweet!

Ever been to a wedding that drones on? And on? That's because the person conducting it hasn't scripted it, or waffles. Each wedding needs to be as long as it needs to be, without fillers or inclusions that aren't meaningful to you or the guests. In other words, your ceremony could take 13 minutes, 30 minutes, or the whole day. It is up to you! But YOU have control of the ceremony.


I've heard a lot from people saying most celebrants have PA systems which crackle, or microphones that wink in and out. Mine is a MiPro MA-707 - loud, clear, battery-operated, built for iPods and wifi connection. So there is NO chance of your ceremony being seen and not heard!